In 2014 U.S. private enterprise exported over $684 billion in services*

The United States is the most competitive and innovative creator of services in the world. Not only did the U.S. export over $684 billion of services in 2014, the services trade surplus reached over $230 billion, creating a positive boost for the U.S. economy and supporting millions of jobs.

95% of the world's consumers are outside of the United States, underscoring the importance of building economic relationships with emerging and developed countries, particularly through international trade agreements. Forty-six U.S. states exported over $1 billion in services in 2014. For a detailed look at each state's congressional district exports, please see below. 

*$684 billion does not include government services exports or Washington D.C. exports. Total U.S. services exports with the inclusion of government services and D.C. exports amounts to just over $710 billion

 U.S. Services Exports by State and District

National Summary




* Statistics courtesy of the Trade Partnership, Washington D.C., from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis and Moody's Analytics. 
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