October 3, 2018

CSI joins the 2018 WTO Public Forum to discuss the important role of digitally enabled services in the development of the agricultural sector.

The Coalition of Services Industries (CSI) is attending the 2018 World Trade Organization (WTO) Public Forum, moderating the panel, “Inclusive Growth in Agriculture: How Economies Get There Through Digitally Enabled Services.”

“Digitally enabled services have transformed every economy and sector throughout the world, including agriculture. While many have taken advantage of the opportunities this presents, both developed and developing countries face significant obstacles in fostering an environment for farmers and ranchers that enables innovation, productivity, and growth,” said CSI President Christine Bliss.

“We’ve come to the WTO this week to raise further awareness of how digital services and technology-enabled trade have transformed the global agricultural sector, and to discuss how governments can situate themselves through trade negotiations and policymaking to reap the benefits of innovation and growth. Having the WTO and its members as the backdrop for this discussion is particularly fitting as the WTO remains a critical institution in setting global rules and opening opportunities for trade.”

Click Here for the PDF of the Press Release.

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