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November 7, 2018 - CSI Participation at the USITC Services Roundtable 

On November 7, CSI President Christine Bliss represented CSI at the annual USITC Services Roundtable. This year’s roundtable focused on: 1) the impact of goods-related trade rules and cross-cutting trade disciplines on services trade; and 2) differences in the services economies of developed and developing economies. 

On the first topic, Roundtable participants noted the importance of IPR, e-commerce, investment, customs, TBT, and SOE disciplines to services sectors. They also commented on the importance of combatting efforts by Indonesia and potentially other developing countries to end the WTO moratorium on e-commerce duties and to impose duties on digital content. Another participant suggested that the TBT rules should apply to services to discourage mandatory use of country-specific standards. The discussion also covered the issue of taxation of digital trade such as those proposed by Spain, Italy and the UK based on where a firm earns revenue, as well as the inadequacy of WTO rules on investment and digital trade. In addition, several participants spoke about the need to improve services trade data and analysis, particularly with respect to data localization and internet fragmentation. 

In that regard, Christine commented on the failure to capture the overall value of cross-border services trade and investment which within a single services firm may involve the cross-border supply of a service, the associated cross-border data, and the supply of a service through commercial presence. Other participants noted the importance of more than one mode of supply in sectors such as retail and insurance. Christine highlighted the importance of cross-cutting disciplines on digital trade and investment to all services sectors, noting the necessity of ensuring cross-border data flows and prohibitions on data localization.

On the second topic, participants mentioned the need to counterbalance the EU effort to convince developing countries to adopt its GDPR as a template for privacy regulation. Other participants mentioned the severity of data localization requirements in the financial services sector, particularly in India and Indonesia. Participants also encouraged the ITC to look at models of regulatory cooperation in the financial services sector in the USMCA and the U.S.-EU FTA as possible models to use in other services sectors.

October 1-4, 2018 - CSI Led GSC Delegation to WTO Public Forum 

CSI President Christine Bliss and Vice President Shantell Isaac traveled to Geneva between October 1-4, leading a delegation of CSI members and Global Services Coalition (GSC) representatives in meetings with Geneva delegations. The group highlighted the importance of the WTO rules and dispute settlement to promoting the growth in trade and services. GSC members urged WTO members to work together to find ways to create a re-energized 21st century multilateral trading system, especially by negotiating a high standard e-commerce agreement.

On October 3, CSI presented a WTO Public Forum session, “Inclusive Growth in Agriculture: How Economies Get There Through Digitally Enable Services." CSI also co-hosted a reception along with the National Foreign Trade Council (NFTC) and the American Chemistry Council. 


September 25, 2018 CSI Event on Global Investment Competitiveness

On September 25, in coordination with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), and National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), CSI co-hosted a discussion on the World Bank’s “Global Investment Competitiveness Report” at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Peter Kusek from the World Bank presented key findings from the report, and Chuck Levy, CSI’s retained counsel, and Linda Dempsey from the National Association of Manufacturers joined the panel. The group explored many of the key findings and recommendations in the report, including how political stability, security, and a business-friendly legal and regulatory environment, are key drivers of multinational companies’ investment decisions in emerging markets and developing countries. 

September 5, 2018 - CSI participates in the WITA-GWU 2018 Intensive Trade Seminar

On September 5, CSI President Christine Bliss participated on a panel on “NextGenTrade – Digital Trade and Services: The Future of Trade in the 21st Century,” part of WITA-George Washington University’s 2018 Intensive Trade Seminar.

April 24, 2018 - CSI Hosts "Services in the Economy" Event on Capitol Hill

CSI hosted an event on Capitol Hill, titled “Services in the Economy: Promoting U.S. Agriculture and Manufacturing.” Panel 1 offered key insights into how American farmers and ranchers use services to promote their productivity, from speakers including Walmart, Google, and Farmers for Free Trade.  Panel 2 speakers from Mastercard, Microsoft, and ITIF discussed the role of cloud computing in enabling manufacturers to thrive.

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