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CSI Joins Letter to Congress on Benefit of TPP Passage to U.S. Financial Services Sector October 2016     
CSI Letter to Congressional Leaders Urging Passsage of TPP             September 2016 
CSI Joins Letter Urging Speedy Passage of TPP                                September 2016 
CSI Joins Letter to Chinese Premier Li Regarding ICT Policies                  August 2016 
GSC Letter to China Insurance Regulatory Commission      June 2016
Industry Letter to China Insurance Regulatory Commission June 2016
House TPP Concern Letter                                                                  January 2016

Press Release/Statements

GSC Statement on Preserving TiSA Progress                             
December 2016
Asia Pacific Services Coalition Supports APEC Services Roadmap November 2016
GSC Statement on Timely Passage of High Standard TiSA Agreement
October 2016     
CSI President Christine Bliss Op-Ed Urging Passage of TPP         
October 2016    
CSI Joins Industry Heads Calling on Administration and Congressional Leaders to Pass TPP             
September 2016              
GSC Statement on Protecting Cross-border Data Flows in TiSA         
September 2016 
US-EU Privacy Shield Accepted by EU Regulators                              July 2016 
US-EU Financial Regulatory Reform (formerly FMRD) Letters  July 2016
CSI Announces Support of the TPP                                 July 2016
GSC Joint Statement to Intensify TiSA Negotiating Efforts
July 2016
CSI Welcomes Laura Lane                                               
May 2016
GSC Statement on TiSA Negotiations                                  April 2016
2016 National Trade Estimates Report                                              March 2016
USTR TPP Side Letters                                                                     March 2016
EU Proposal for Regulatory Cooperation in TTIP                                 March 2016
Commerce Annouces Digital Attaché Program                                    March 2016
2016 President's Trade Policy Agenda                                               March 2016
US-EU Privacy Shield Text                                                               March 2016
CSI Welcomes New President                                                            February 2016
TPP Coalition Supports TPP                                                                                   January 2016

Trade Benefits America Supports TPP                                                                 January 2016


Testimony of Peter Allgeier before the International Trade Commission 

January 2016


ITIF Report on IT Services Exports                                                   November 2016
ITC Report on SMEs and E-Commerce                                        June 2016
Hogan Lovells Anaysis of the US-EU Privacy Shield                     April 2016


Services and Digital Trade                                                           June 2016
APEC and Digital Trade                                                               June 2016
Services Trade-Services 101 Event                                             April 2016

2015 CSI Documents



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