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The Coalition of Services Industries

The Coalition of Services Industries (CSI) represents the interests of the dynamic American service economy, which employs over 75% of the workforce and generates 3/4 of national economic output. Since 1982, CSI has created greater public awareness of the major role services play in the U.S. economy, and it has shaped domestic and international economic policies on behalf of the services sector. The broad range and diversity of the U.S. service economy is reflected in CSI's membership, which includes major international companies from the banking, insurance, telecommunications, information technology, logistics and express delivery, audiovisual, retail, and other service industries. CSI members conduct business in all 50 states and in more than 100 countries.

CSI's goals include expanding the multilateral trading environment to include more countries and more services, enhancing bilateral services trading relationships, and ensuring competitive services trade in the global marketplace. To achieve these goals, CSI has launched a number of initiatives in areas of international trade, investment, regulatory policy, statistics improvement, electronic commerce, and others.

The Coalition of Service Industries also seeks to:

  • Reduce barriers to services trade
  • Ensure U.S. economic policies reflect the importance of the services sector, and
  • Provide data and analysis on the impact of services on the U.S. economy.

CSI Working Groups

To advance these objectives, CSI has established working groups and a foundation that focus on issues of particular importance to CSI member companies. The CSI working groups include:

Steering Committee
Chair: Susan Greenwell, MetLife

Strategy Committee
Chair: Dorothy Dwoskin, Microsoft
Vice Chair: Sarah Thorn, Walmart

Financial Services Committee
Chair: Rick Johnston, Citigroup

Insurance Committee
Chair: Yancy Molnar, ACE Group

India Working Group
Chair: Michael DiPaula-Coyle, IBM

China Working Group
Chair: Vacant

Global Services Coalition

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