2016 China Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS)

 CSI President, Christine Bliss, attended the 2016 CIFTIS in Beijing this year. Below you can find photos of her trip there, as well as her meeting with the Asia Pacific Services Coalition.

Christine gave two presentations on the importance of services and digital trade. You can find them here:

1. Services and Digital Trade: Essential Fuel for Economic Growth

2. APEC and Digital Trade

  • Christine with Guests CIFTIS
    Christine during presentations
  • Christy at CIFTIS
    Christine gives her CIFTIS presentation
  • csi companies at CIFTIS
    Christine saw some CSI member company logos in Beijing!
    At the opening ceremonies of CIFTIS

 In her own words:

"I travelled to Bejing last week to attend the fourth annual China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS) and the second meeting of the Asia Pacific Services Coalition(APSC).  CIFTIS is co-sponsored by MOFCOM and the city of Bejing and consists of extensive government and private sector exhibits of services and cutting edge technologies as well as seminars on trade and investment issues.  The OECD, UNCTAD and the International Trade Center in Geneva all made presentations stressing the importance of services trade and promoting the growth of SMEs.   I made a presentation to the CIFTIS session organized by the China Association for International Cooperation on the importance of services and digital trade and highlighted key Chinese laws and policies that are undermining the growth of digital trade including internet filtering and blocking, data localization and requiring use of “secure and controllable” services, software and technology, foreign equity restrictions and duties on e-commerce and restrictions on internet distribution of goods.  

The CIFTIS event also provided a venue for the second meeting of the APSC, a group of services coalitions and local chambers from APEC countries that have joined together to provide input to the APEC ABAC and to APEC Senior officials on services issues.  I also spoke to the APSC group about the importance of focusing on digital trade issues in particular free cross-border flow of data and discouraging data localization.  The group also discussed the importance of making online and digital platforms available to SMEs and the impact of new technologies creating micro-multinationals.  The group drafted a letter to the APEC Chair of the SOM highlighting priority areas of concern including: development of guiding principles for services regulation, digital trade as a “next generation” issue, opportunities for SMEs in digital trade, the importance of free flow of cross-border data and discouraging data localization, and encouraging greater ease of temporary mobility of service providers.

CSI will host the next meeting of the APSC in DC the day after the Global Summit."



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